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Copyright (c) 2006. Dimitry Kloper kloper@users.sourceforge.net

Available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/dgcons


dgcons is a framework of perl modules around of GNU Cons (http://www.gnu.org/software/cons/) that extend the cons functionality:

  • Toolsets -- predefined set of Cons environments. Currently, the following tollsets are supported: gcc, msvc70, cygwin, mingw, boost, libpng, stlport, clo, doxygen, jpeg, qt4, zlib.
  • Template support, a-la GNU autoconf *.in files, based on Text::Template.
  • Automatic version and build counters.
  • Possibility of configuration and environment tests like in GNU autoconf.

License terms

GNU Public License. See COPYING file in the dgcons root directory.


Perl 5.6.1

Very short introduction into dgcons

This small guide is a brief introduction into dgcons and does not cover the GNU cons itself. Please refer http://www.gnu.org/software/cons/ for in-depth guide to the cons features.

In order to start add the following lines at the beginning of your Construct file:

use Cons::Toolset;

our $toolset = Cons::Toolset->getopt();

die if( !defined( $toolset ) );

This will parse the @ARGV options and create the toolset object. Next, you can use that object any time you need to construct the a cons object:

my $ruleset = $toolset->env();

die if( !defined( $ruleset ) );

my $buildenv = new cons( %{$ruleset} );

The toolset object is constructed once in the Construct file, exported by cons Export mechanism to all its sibling Conscript files.

Now, it is possible to run cons with dgcons support:

perl -I ./dgcons ./dgcons/cons.pl myproject -- --toolset=gcc,boost

Bug reports

Please report bugs at

Mailing lists

Please refer to the mailing list of the project at http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=174034

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